now give shape your future with facebook

Today I am very happy because now I become a certified digital marketer by facebook. But at the starting, it seems to be very difficult of doing this type of courses but after I started, I found out it is one of the simplest things that I have done in my life. online learning is easy, it just wants your concentration and nothing more. many institutes teach by a video tutorial for free and also provide certification for student future. 

There are just a few steps to become a certified digital marketer by facebook: –

Step 1) search for facebook blueprint

search on google and you will see the link called ( facebook blueprint click on that and you will now at learning institute officially powered by Facebook. Create a login using your Facebook login or can signup with that.

Step 2) watch video according to your aim (most probably watch every of them).

you can find several videos about digital marketing, so you have to select the course first and then have to watch the video according to that. but if you are entrusted in all the certification course then you should probably watch all of them.

Step 3) revise them as many time as possible

Once you complete with the video, it doesn’t mean you have learned all the lessons. So revise them as many time as possible.

Step 4) click on take an exam

there is a thing, Facebook gives the flexibility to choose your exam date and time. so its totally depend on you what you want where you want and when you want. as a big name value of the certificate is also big.

step 5) select your exam and exam mode

there are 2 ways by Facebook by taking your exam. first chose the center and the exam date gives by the team of the Facebook blueprint and secondly is they take your exam online at your home. but for that, the rules are very strict you have a solid and high-speed wifi connection so the invigilator has eyes on you each and every second.

step 6) pay for the exam

There is 3 certification course exam and each will charge 75 USD (75 US dollar). weather you go to the center or chose online scheduled exam. the fees will be the same.

If you don’t pass the exam, then you will able to give it after 1 week so be per pair because you have only one shot to make this world to below.  and after you pass, you will get the certificate by facebook of digital marketing and now you are an official digital marketer.

Mobile application for social cause in india

India is growing as a developing country, some part of it isn’t developing. There are are that 20% people still living without electricity, and still can’t afford a smartphone. Meanwhile, Indian Government is trying hard to increase the awareness of the social activity. And following that different government department launching a mobile application and making every possible way to help people.


Application to fight for children marriage

Bandhan Tod

Published: – United nation population fund.  

This application is launched for Bihar, to stop child marriage. Child marriage is one of the biggest problems in the country. The aim of this application is to spread the awareness about child marriage.


Application for public toilet

Google maps

With the help of geo-tagging, people will locate public toilet. It will help people to find public toilet using google maps.

Application that tracks your pension

Defence pension info

This application is only for government employees, with the help of defense ministry this application will help you to track your pension.


Cross-border money transfer

Terra pay

If you are out of the country and want to send money then this application will definitely help you. It allows you to transfer funds across the world.

Application by ministry of health and family welfare


This application is launched by the ministry of health and family welfare to create a transparency between people and government hospital.

Best online retailers for india

E-commerce is the most profitable market right now . Not Only in India but abroad too, the total worth of e-commerce  in india is around $33 billion in 2016 (latest estimated by NASSCOM). Online purchasing is the simplest way for buying any product of your choice and you can find out different medium to pay out for that according to your convenience, a product will deliver to your home in just 2-3 days, you can also find out attractive discounts, and can explore many products as much as you can, have hundreds of choices.

In India, there is NO market for online trading before 2007. The first big name of online retailers in India was Flipkart. And after that everything will change.

Here is a list of India’s best e-commerce companies: –


Founded: – October 2007

CEO: – Kalyan Krishnamurthy

Headquarters: – Bengaluru

As we all know that Flipkart is India’s first biggest online retailer company. And occupy more than 95%  part in online retailing.

Founded: – July 1994

Founder: – Jeff Bezos

Headquarters: – Washington, U.S.A. is world’s biggest e-commerce company and had branches over 20 different countries. In 2013 amazon make his appearance in India online retailing market.


Founded: – February 2010

CEO: – Kunal Bahl

Headquarters: – Delhi-NCR

As the biggest rival of Flipkart, snapdeal becomes the largest online retailer in the country. Snapdeal is a start-up based in Delhi, and now considered the biggest name of E-commerce.   


Founded: – 2007

Parent Company: – Flipkart

Headquarters: – Bengaluru

Myntra is known for its brand apparel image. In may 2014 it merged with Flipkart to compete with Amazon (the biggest online retailers).


Founded: – 2010

CEO: – Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Headquarters: – Noida

People use Paytm app for UPI power payment application, but after that paytm launches its own online retail store called Paytm mall.

Best Mobile application for photo editing

Everyone loves to take photographs with your mobile, but some people like to click every moment of their life. A photograph is a way to capture your moment and see it in future. Watching photograph is like remembering your old days and with old friends.

But what happens if your photographs don’t look like you want it to be? what if the lighting is the reason that you can’t see your own image? there is much reason which can ruin your photograph. And to neglect that there is some application that can help you to improve your picture.


For Android


Main features: –

You can mention your friend just type @username

It is also a type of social media site

Fun stickers

Cost: – FREE


Main feature: –

Nice user experience with selfie mode

Creatively animated augmentation with reality filters

Tool for facial feature

Capture perfect lighting in the dark

Cost: – FREE


Main feature: –

You can edit a picture with your friend

Professional drawing brushes

Picture with live effect

Cost : – FREE


For iOS

PhotoScape x

Main feature: –

Create animated GIF

Can pick any color from picture

Slice photo into several moods

Cost: – FREE

Fotor photo editor

Main feature: –

Can save images in different format

Flexible text editing tool

Various type of border effect

Cost: – FREE


Who to write quality content SEO for starters

As many of you like to write about something (like about your life, daily situation, experience or some other things). But at the very starting, you will be facing a problem like everyone does and it called quality content. There are some other problems that you also gonna face like vocabulary, writing in a single direction, wander from your content, can’t figure out what to write next, and many other things. I will tell you that in my next blog, but rather than that first we concentrate on about quality content


When I started writing as a content writer this is the first problem that I faced, but after searching on google I have found some awesome tools that can help you to improve your writing skills.

Here are some tools that will help you with your writing skills, just like they helped me.


Basically, it is not a software, it is an extension that will save in your browser. Simply you just have to do to install chrome and search for Grammarly. After that you can see a big green button below in page and “add to your chrome” is written on that, just click it and then go to the extension in your browser setting and click on enable. It will help you to correct your sentence with grammar and can also detect your spelling mistake, whenever you write anything on a browser.


Silk write

Now silk write is a website with having the master of analyzing content and can tell you how to improve it with quality. You just simply have to copy your content and past on the website, a few minutes later it will tell you which part needs improvement and which part is best. And most interesting part is that is for free you just need to make an account on the site and there you go. After clicking on the check (top right side of the corner), you can see which part needs improvement and how.

Hemingway editor

This is also a website and function just like silk writer, but the difference is it will tell you which part is hard to read, which part doesn’t make sense, which lines you have to remove and always mention the adverbs you were written is correct or not. This site will highlight your content with an explanation on the right side of the screen.   


So this three tool will definitely help your writing skills to improve. Is anyone doing SEO or SMO will have to try all these tools? There are some other tools that will help you in SEO but for that wait for my next blog.

And don’t forget to comment on the comment section that what you think about all the 3 tools, and also tell any kind of suggestion that you want to say.

Most anticipated games in 2017


The dream of every teenage boy to have a gaming console or have high-end PC (personal computer). Video game industry is one of the highest grossing industry in the whole world and continuously increasing. An estimate about $100 billion in 2016 and still increasing in 2017. Here is a list of games were releasing in 2017 and we called it most anticipated games in 2017.

6. South Park: the fractured but whole

Publisher: – Ubisoft

Release date: – 17 October 2017

Platform: – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

This is the sequel from the series called south park. When the first installment comes, it a worldwide hit. This game is engined by snowdrop build by Ubisoft for Xbox, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo switches.

5. Middle-earth: shadow of war

Publisher: – Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Release date: –  10 October 2017

Platform: – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, Microsoft Windows

Developed by the monolith production and published by Warner Bros.. this is an action role-playing video game.

4. Super Mario Odyssey

Publisher: – Nintendo

Release date: – 17 October 2017

Platform: – Nintendo switch

This is the 3d platform game, from the famous series of Mario. Set to release worldwide

3. Resident Evil 7: biohazard

Publisher: – Capcom

Release date: – 24 January 2017

Platform: – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

This game is based on world famous movie series called resident evil. This is a horror survival video game.

2. Red dead redemption 2

Publisher: – Rockstar Games

Release date: – late 2017

Platform: – PlayStation 4, Xbox One

People who like west coast culture will gonna also like this game this game is totally based on cowboys and robberies.

  1. Mass Effect: Andromeda

Publisher: – Electronic art

Release date: – 21 March 2017

Platform: – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Another action role-playing game developed by Bioware


India mobile congress 2017

Yes its happen in real, India is organizing its own mobile Congress. This event is held in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. It is a three-day event starts from 27 September to 29 September with 5000 participants 100+ speakers and 28 sessions this exhibition is going to be India’s largest mobile event.

This exhibition is organized by Cellular operators association of India, with the help of department of telecommunication and ministry of electronics and information technology.

In an interview, Rajan S. Mathew said We are hoping that 8 to 10 major countries will participate in the event. This will become a flagship event for India. And also announce the CEO of the event is P. Ramakrishna.


Highlights of the event

More than 5000 participants

Supported by international companies

Associated with many MNC’s (Multi-National companies)

Stall by bigger brands

New mobile launches

Many start-ups were also participating


Aim of this event

Promoting start-ups

Promote your business in IT sector of India

Build relationships with companies

Test their products.


                                                                                                         Supported by 


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Haunted  places in Delhi-NCR

Paranormal activity is always been the hot topic of all time. We scared by them but still love to hear about that. ghosts, demons, trapped souls or souls of sudden death person’s sounds like a myth, but some of us believe in them and some don’t. People want to experience it called themselves adventures. And for those who believe in them always give the advice to stay away from them.

Now here is some haunted place in Delhi, where people experience some paranormal activity: –


House w3 in Greater Kailash

Location: –  located in the violet line of Delhi metro. New Delhi, India

Part 1, Greater Kailash is one of the posh areas of south Delhi. In block-W is a house and people called it haunted because they detected some paranormal activity like they can here someone is screaming at late night. But the official guard of the property says that he never heard any kind of sound.


Jamali kamali tomb

Location: – Archeological village complex in Mehrauli, Delhi, india.

This structure’s construction starts in 1528 and finished in 1529. National Geographic channel has done research in Jamali Kamali and they also can’t define the mystery about this place. This tomb is in Mehrauli (south Delhi). To find out more about it, my suggestion to better experience it.

Feroz Shah Kotla tomb

Location: – Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Raj Ghat, New Delhi, India. 110002

This tomb is constructed by the Sultan of Delhi FEROZ SHAH KOTLA, started in 1351 and finished in 1354. And just like other this monument also has a haunted history, according to people a djinn lives here. And people come in the hope of their wish come true, the djinns live them from many centuries.


Dwarka sector-9 metro station

Location: – Sector-9 Dwarka, New Delhi.

Now this time we are not talking about any monument, we are talking about a tree. A big mysterious peepul tree in the middle of the road in sector-9. People experience some energy at mid-night, some say they try to catch them or some say they slap them. In 2004 a schoolgirl has been killed in a school cab (, and after that, this kind of paranormal activity started.


Bhuli Bhatiyari ka mahal

Location: – Central Ridge Reserve Forest, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

This Mahal is built by one of the sultans of Delhi named FEROZ SHAH TUGHLAQ in the 14th century, and at the entrance, there is note return on big stone (don’t come near after sunset). And the most important thing every security guard by the government does not survive for more than 2-3 days at this particular place.


Sanjay van

Location: – Near Qutab Minar, Sanjay Van New Delhi.

According to people pirbaba wakes up every night a take a walk from the middle of trees. People say that the stone on the path is the footsteps of pirbaba, and there is also a story where people say frees prite always take a night walk under the trees.


Top comedy movie you should see

Comedy genre is the most lovable genre of all time. Everyone like to watch a comedy movie, after all laughing is good for health. Here are 6 of the best comedy movies of my choice and I hope you like it.

6) Dumb and Dumber

This 1994 Hollywood release is considered one of the greatest movie in comedy. The performance by the lead actor’s is considered one of the greatest performance of those carriers. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels both play the role of a best friend with a good heart, but an insanely stupid person. Both of them find a briefcase full of cash & now the story of the movie began.


5) 21 jump street

Now, this is what we called the real action with comedy. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are in the lead role, both played the role of police, and sent them to school for a case. Both become undercover cops. And join the school as a student and take down the drug smugglers.


4) The Lego Batman movie

Finally, my favorite superhero is made in this list. This is the first time that a remake of a superhero movie is animated and funny. This movie is presented by Chris McKay and he has done a great job, from start to the end. And this one is considered best Batman movie ever. If you are going to watch this movie then don’t skip the beginning.


3) Toy Story

Another animated movie in this list, it’s from 1990’s. Who was born in 90’s will definitely know about Buzz Lightyear and officer woody. The first installment of this franchise is released in 1995 and become instantly successful so the producer announces his second installment after its release.


2) The hangover

This 2009 release is a story of three friends, goes to a bachelor party and take a road trip. The lead role is played by Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Glienfianskie, and the movie become commercially hit, and most critically acclaimed of their career. Just two year later sequel of the movie is also released and that will also become a huge hit.

1) We’re the Millers

A drug dealer is trapped in the situation and robbed by some street thugs. then his boss gives him a task to repay all his money. He has to do drug smuggling from Texas to America and for that, he hires a stripper, a petty thief and a teenage neighbor and journey began. The lead character of this movie is Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis, one of the well-known personality in Hollywood industry.


At final is you like my list then tell me in the comment section, and let me out what you think  about comedy movie and my list.

Famous food in Delhi

As we all know that Indian spices are famous all across the world. Just like spices, Indian food is also famous, but Delhi is the place where you can eat every kind of food you want whether it is Mughlai or Punjabi and world-famous Chinese and Italian.
Foreign people like to explore all kind of food that Indian serve’s, and they came to India especially for it. New Delhi is chosen by the foreign to visit first because it is the capital and all know that people love to explore the varieties of dishes. Many people explore, much they like.


Now let’s check out some famous food in Delhi

Location: – Gali parantha wali, Chandni Chowk, Delhi. This place is famous worldwide for its parathas.

The most common and delicious food of all. If someone’s hungry they eat paratha, if someone likes to eat light they eat paratha, or if someone likes to do an experiment in the food they first start with parathas. There is no doubt that parathas are most loved food in India.

Location: – anywhere in street of Delhi, and can also find it in 5-star restaurants

Chaat is the most loved street food in all over the India. It also is known by different names in a different region of the country like: –
In Delhi, it’s called gole-gappe
In Bihar, it’s called gup-chup
In Maharashtra, it’s called pani-puri
In west U.P. it’s called padake
In east U.P. it’s called batashe, and much more.
Many different words for a single dish. And people love to eat with sweet and chili water. And the mashed potato they put in it is really awesome.

Masala Dosa
This dish is come from south India, with no doubt it is the most loved dish from the south, and make everyone loopy about it. Masala dosa is always served with sambhar and chutney (made of coconut).

But the most delicious part is the mashed potatoes inside the dosa. And the most important thing dosa also come in many varieties: –
Onion Dosa
Ottas dosa
Tomato dosa
Rava Dosa
Masoor dal dosa
every dosa has its own taste and its own flavor.


Pav bhaji

Now this food comes from Maharashtra, and just like dosa everyone like pav bhaji too. This dish include curry and a thick bread, the curry is made up of many different kinds of spices and vegetables. The thick bread is like of bunn, but with curry it was fabulous.


While writing this article my mouth becomes full of water, and don’t know how I just want to eat each and every dish that I mention. If you have any inquiries or doubts about this article please mentions it on comment section