Mercedes has done it

Mercedes just did one of the most ambitious projects with the technology of formula 1. Mercedes new electric car is based on f1 technology. Mercedes calling its new car project one. One of its kind with 1000 horsepower with the speed of more than 350 kph (217 mph). The first time an electric engine gives this type of output. After all, this car broke the speed barrier as an electric car and attract all the car enthusiast around the world.
With the competition with BMW (i8) this hypercar by AMG has four engine (one for each tyre). this gives the ability of 4 wheel drive which gives the ability of maximum stability and traction control.
Design of Mercedes-AMG project one
The design of new project one is aerodynamic and attractive. Many of people thought that design is so simple like McLaren f1 and Pagani Zonda, but this AMG has something that none of its competitors has: –
1> High speed: – An electric car can go up to 350 kph or 270 mph.



2> Low downforce: – so that car can move like a formula1 car

3> Maximum traction: – so that car doesn’t go off the track

4> All wheel drive system: – for maximum control

Highlights of the car
1> Carbon ceramic brakes: – this breaks also can work in high temperature.

2> Spoiler: – it helps in maximizing the traction.

3> Zero emission of harm full gases: – because of an electric engine, the car is not emitting any harmful gases.

Watch Apple sept 2017 event live

How to watch apple event live
did you want to go apple event held on 12 September 2017? can’t make it attend the event? just find out to a sudden change of plan to attend the event? don’t have a better television or cable connection.?
So you are finding the way to watch it live. If you don’t find the way to watch a live event, then I have the solution. So what do you need to watch apple event live?. My answer is only a wifi connection and there are many ways to watch apple event live, but the most simple place to watch apple event live is youtube and
First, we talk about apple live event on youtube. If you are want to watch apple event live on a mobile phone then don’t worry you just need to follow the same steps to watch apple event live: –
Step 1) open in your browser or for mobile user open youtube application or open browser and enter

Step 2) there is a menu button on the top left side of the website

Step 3) scroll down and click on live button

Step 4) scroll down and go to technology section and you will find apple live

if cant able to find that, then there is a link to the direct live event.Click Here….

Now for those who can’t make to watch apple live event. For those people, apple has arranged the way to watch apple full event. You need to follow some simple steps

Step 1) open your browser and search for by apple

Step 2) scroll down to the end of the website and click on events.

Step 3) click on watch the keynote, the first like on the website

Step 4) now you are watching it.

if you don’t get any thing then this is the direct link Click Here…