Best Mobile application for photo editing

Everyone loves to take photographs with your mobile, but some people like to click every moment of their life. A photograph is a way to capture your moment and see it in future. Watching photograph is like remembering your old days and with old friends.

But what happens if your photographs don’t look like you want it to be? what if the lighting is the reason that you can’t see your own image? there is much reason which can ruin your photograph. And to neglect that there is some application that can help you to improve your picture.


For Android


Main features: –

You can mention your friend just type @username

It is also a type of social media site

Fun stickers

Cost: – FREE


Main feature: –

Nice user experience with selfie mode

Creatively animated augmentation with reality filters

Tool for facial feature

Capture perfect lighting in the dark

Cost: – FREE


Main feature: –

You can edit a picture with your friend

Professional drawing brushes

Picture with live effect

Cost : – FREE


For iOS

PhotoScape x

Main feature: –

Create animated GIF

Can pick any color from picture

Slice photo into several moods

Cost: – FREE

Fotor photo editor

Main feature: –

Can save images in different format

Flexible text editing tool

Various type of border effect

Cost: – FREE


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