now give shape your future with facebook

Today I am very happy because now I become a certified digital marketer by facebook. But at the starting, it seems to be very difficult of doing this type of courses but after I started, I found out it is one of the simplest things that I have done in my life. online learning is easy, it just wants your concentration and nothing more. many institutes teach by a video tutorial for free and also provide certification for student future. 

There are just a few steps to become a certified digital marketer by facebook: –

Step 1) search for facebook blueprint

search on google and you will see the link called ( facebook blueprint click on that and you will now at learning institute officially powered by Facebook. Create a login using your Facebook login or can signup with that.

Step 2) watch video according to your aim (most probably watch every of them).

you can find several videos about digital marketing, so you have to select the course first and then have to watch the video according to that. but if you are entrusted in all the certification course then you should probably watch all of them.

Step 3) revise them as many time as possible

Once you complete with the video, it doesn’t mean you have learned all the lessons. So revise them as many time as possible.

Step 4) click on take an exam

there is a thing, Facebook gives the flexibility to choose your exam date and time. so its totally depend on you what you want where you want and when you want. as a big name value of the certificate is also big.

step 5) select your exam and exam mode

there are 2 ways by Facebook by taking your exam. first chose the center and the exam date gives by the team of the Facebook blueprint and secondly is they take your exam online at your home. but for that, the rules are very strict you have a solid and high-speed wifi connection so the invigilator has eyes on you each and every second.

step 6) pay for the exam

There is 3 certification course exam and each will charge 75 USD (75 US dollar). weather you go to the center or chose online scheduled exam. the fees will be the same.

If you don’t pass the exam, then you will able to give it after 1 week so be per pair because you have only one shot to make this world to below.  and after you pass, you will get the certificate by facebook of digital marketing and now you are an official digital marketer.

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