Famous food in Delhi

As we all know that Indian spices are famous all across the world. Just like spices, Indian food is also famous, but Delhi is the place where you can eat every kind of food you want whether it is Mughlai or Punjabi and world-famous Chinese and Italian.
Foreign people like to explore all kind of food that Indian serve’s, and they came to India especially for it. New Delhi is chosen by the foreign to visit first because it is the capital and all know that people love to explore the varieties of dishes. Many people explore, much they like.


Now let’s check out some famous food in Delhi

Location: – Gali parantha wali, Chandni Chowk, Delhi. This place is famous worldwide for its parathas.

The most common and delicious food of all. If someone’s hungry they eat paratha, if someone likes to eat light they eat paratha, or if someone likes to do an experiment in the food they first start with parathas. There is no doubt that parathas are most loved food in India.

Location: – anywhere in street of Delhi, and can also find it in 5-star restaurants

Chaat is the most loved street food in all over the India. It also is known by different names in a different region of the country like: –
In Delhi, it’s called gole-gappe
In Bihar, it’s called gup-chup
In Maharashtra, it’s called pani-puri
In west U.P. it’s called padake
In east U.P. it’s called batashe, and much more.
Many different words for a single dish. And people love to eat with sweet and chili water. And the mashed potato they put in it is really awesome.

Masala Dosa
This dish is come from south India, with no doubt it is the most loved dish from the south, and make everyone loopy about it. Masala dosa is always served with sambhar and chutney (made of coconut).

But the most delicious part is the mashed potatoes inside the dosa. And the most important thing dosa also come in many varieties: –
Onion Dosa
Ottas dosa
Tomato dosa
Rava Dosa
Masoor dal dosa
every dosa has its own taste and its own flavor.


Pav bhaji

Now this food comes from Maharashtra, and just like dosa everyone like pav bhaji too. This dish include curry and a thick bread, the curry is made up of many different kinds of spices and vegetables. The thick bread is like of bunn, but with curry it was fabulous.


While writing this article my mouth becomes full of water, and don’t know how I just want to eat each and every dish that I mention. If you have any inquiries or doubts about this article please mentions it on comment section

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