Top comedy movie you should see

Comedy genre is the most lovable genre of all time. Everyone like to watch a comedy movie, after all laughing is good for health. Here are 6 of the best comedy movies of my choice and I hope you like it.

6) Dumb and Dumber

This 1994 Hollywood release is considered one of the greatest movie in comedy. The performance by the lead actor’s is considered one of the greatest performance of those carriers. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels both play the role of a best friend with a good heart, but an insanely stupid person. Both of them find a briefcase full of cash & now the story of the movie began.


5) 21 jump street

Now, this is what we called the real action with comedy. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are in the lead role, both played the role of police, and sent them to school for a case. Both become undercover cops. And join the school as a student and take down the drug smugglers.


4) The Lego Batman movie

Finally, my favorite superhero is made in this list. This is the first time that a remake of a superhero movie is animated and funny. This movie is presented by Chris McKay and he has done a great job, from start to the end. And this one is considered best Batman movie ever. If you are going to watch this movie then don’t skip the beginning.


3) Toy Story

Another animated movie in this list, it’s from 1990’s. Who was born in 90’s will definitely know about Buzz Lightyear and officer woody. The first installment of this franchise is released in 1995 and become instantly successful so the producer announces his second installment after its release.


2) The hangover

This 2009 release is a story of three friends, goes to a bachelor party and take a road trip. The lead role is played by Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Glienfianskie, and the movie become commercially hit, and most critically acclaimed of their career. Just two year later sequel of the movie is also released and that will also become a huge hit.

1) We’re the Millers

A drug dealer is trapped in the situation and robbed by some street thugs. then his boss gives him a task to repay all his money. He has to do drug smuggling from Texas to America and for that, he hires a stripper, a petty thief and a teenage neighbor and journey began. The lead character of this movie is Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis, one of the well-known personality in Hollywood industry.


At final is you like my list then tell me in the comment section, and let me out what you think  about comedy movie and my list.

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