Who to write quality content SEO for starters

As many of you like to write about something (like about your life, daily situation, experience or some other things). But at the very starting, you will be facing a problem like everyone does and it called quality content. There are some other problems that you also gonna face like vocabulary, writing in a single direction, wander from your content, can’t figure out what to write next, and many other things. I will tell you that in my next blog, but rather than that first we concentrate on about quality content


When I started writing as a content writer this is the first problem that I faced, but after searching on google I have found some awesome tools that can help you to improve your writing skills.

Here are some tools that will help you with your writing skills, just like they helped me.


Basically, it is not a software, it is an extension that will save in your browser. Simply you just have to do to install chrome and search for Grammarly. After that you can see a big green button below in page and “add to your chrome” is written on that, just click it and then go to the extension in your browser setting and click on enable. It will help you to correct your sentence with grammar and can also detect your spelling mistake, whenever you write anything on a browser.


Silk write

Now silk write is a website with having the master of analyzing content and can tell you how to improve it with quality. You just simply have to copy your content and past on the website, a few minutes later it will tell you which part needs improvement and which part is best. And most interesting part is that is for free you just need to make an account on the site and there you go. After clicking on the check (top right side of the corner), you can see which part needs improvement and how.

Hemingway editor

This is also a website and function just like silk writer, but the difference is it will tell you which part is hard to read, which part doesn’t make sense, which lines you have to remove and always mention the adverbs you were written is correct or not. This site will highlight your content with an explanation on the right side of the screen.   


So this three tool will definitely help your writing skills to improve. Is anyone doing SEO or SMO will have to try all these tools? There are some other tools that will help you in SEO but for that wait for my next blog.

And don’t forget to comment on the comment section that what you think about all the 3 tools, and also tell any kind of suggestion that you want to say.

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